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How to boost collaboration and creativity? The Citizen’s Lab is an open civic space where citizen’s meet experts and civil servants to produce knowledge and co-create public policies.

How to make democratic decisions? When part of a diverse group citizens can, together, explore alternatives, make trade-offs, and make excellent, collective recommendations. With access to sufficient information, and time to interrogate that information as well as exploring common ground together, randomly-selected citizens have demonstrated that they are very good critical thinkers.

How to use digital tools to get intelligence from the crowd? Digital platforms allow us to make people appear in and contribute in a meaningful way.

Recent projects

More information in «Future Democracies», the final publication of ParticipaLab. Spanish version here: «Democracias Futuras»

Committed to Democratic Innovation since 2011

Yago Bermejo Abati is a member of Democracy R&D and OECD Innovative Citizen Participation Networks. He works as an independent consultant in the field of democratic innovation involving new architectures with digital participatory platforms and deliberative meetings.

From 2016 to 2019 he has been working as the head of the Collective Intelligence for Democracy Lab (@Participa_Lab) and coordinator of the project connecting Medialab-Prado with the Open Government, Participation and Transparency Area in Madrid City. ParticipaLab has been centered on the collaborative research around democratic innovation, direct a deliberative tools for new participatory democratic processes. Most of the work in this lab has been related with Decide Madrid, the direct citizen participatory platform of Madrid City Council.

Previously Yago Bermejo has been working at LaboDemo.net, an organization focused on Internet democracy created after 15M movement. LaboDemo has created in Podemos party an entire strategy involving different tools with hundreds of thousands of people participating. He has been also working with the D-CENT EU project designing collaborative legislation tools. Yago has been working as menthor and speaker on different events: g0v.tw Summit in Taiwan, Future Innovation Forum in South Korea and LABICBR in Río de Janeiro, organized by SEGIB (Secretaría General Iberoamericana).

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